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Is There Hope For My Relationship With My Son? (Reader Question)

I am now accepting anonymous parenting questions for this blog; here’s the first one: I really messed up. I started parenting my son before I knew about being conscious, respectful, and kind. He’s 12 now. Is there hope of repairing our relationship? I fear he’ll be angry with me forever. Oh, dear reader. I wish […]

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Parenting: This Sh*t is Hard

They’re exhausted. Trust me on this one. My daughters only had two and a half days of school last week, which meant I had to cram all of my work into the remaining two and a half days. On Monday morning I kissed my husband and wished him a good work trip to Florida, dropped […]

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I Think I’m a Highly Sensitive Mama. How Do I Parent Without Losing My Mind? (Reader Question)

You could just wear noise-canceling headphones like this woman. See how happy and not at all awkward she looks?! Dr. Naumburg, I think I’m a “highly sensitive person.”  I am so damn sound sensitive that I can’t stand my kids in the morning right now. I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack. […]

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Should I Make My Daughters Hug Each Other? (Reader Question)

I received this question from a reader, and with her permission, I’m answering it here on the blog. Dr. Naumburg, My older daughter (who I’ll call #1) is seven years old, and her sister (#2) is four and a half. #1 is consistently friendly, compassionate, and helpful to other kids, but the moment she’s with […]

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Support: You Can’t Parent Without It

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper I’ve started going to restorative yoga classes once a week. These classes are basically like naptime, but stretchier. Our teacher’s primary instruction is to “get as comfortable as you can in each pose,” and she teaches us how to use cushions, yoga blocks, blankets, and straps to do just that. We […]

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