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#SanityPractices: Free, Easy, and Effective

Seen on a #SanityWalk In my last post, I introduced the idea of #SanityPractices for parents. Now I’m going to dig a little deeper into what these practices are and how they can help you be calmer, more empathic, and more effective in every aspect of your life, including parenting. I’ve worked hard to come up […]

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How #SanityWalks Help Me Parent Without Losing My Mind

I took this during a #sanitywalk last fall. Most days, I go for a walk. I live near a small lake, and the loop around it is about two miles long. I listen to audiobooks or podcasts, and I usually stop somewhere along the route and take a picture or two. My favorite images end […]

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Your Relationship: The Best Leverage You Have Over Your Kids

“If you do that again, I’m going to be pretty unhappy.” I made that bold and daring threat to my younger daughter this morning. Ok, it’s not officially a threat. It was more like a fairly accurate description of what was likely to happen if she continued to be annoying, but I’m sure her six […]

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Choosing How to Respond to Your Kids (Part 6/6)

Finally. After making our way through intention, attention, the present moment, and kindness and curiosity, we’ve come to the my favorite part of this whole mindfulness shtick: choosing what you’re going to do next. The ability to be thoughtful and intentional about how we respond to our children is the pot of gold at the […]

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My Top Ten Favorite Parenting Resources

I’m back! Sorry I disappeared for a while, folks. I’ve been busy with book talks for Parenting in the Present Moment, working on my next book about teaching mindfulness to children (New Harbinger, 2015), helping my big girl transition to kindergarten, my little girl transition to not being in the same school as her big […]

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