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How to Parent a Picky Eater Without Losing Your Mind

Too many peas. Too many. Most people don’t realize I’m a picky eater because, well, I’m a grown-up. The truth is that I have been highly selective (ahem) since I was a little girl; I’m just better at hiding it now. I’m also the mother of one consistently and highly selective eater and one intermittently […]

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You Can’t Predict Your Kid’s Future, So No Need to Stress About It

I love airports. The inevitable lines, layovers, and delays rarely bother me because I’m just so damn happy to be there. I sit and watch the people go by; I check out their luggage choices and eavesdrop on their conversations and wonder why anyone would travel in 4” heels. When I’m done doing that, I […]

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Remembering and Talking to Our Children About 9/11

My daughters, who are 7 and 8 years old, learned about 9/11 this past summer. I wasn’t intending to talk about it just then, but it was a plot point in a book we were reading, and so we discussed it. The girls learned that 16 years ago, bad men flew planes into buildings and […]

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#SanityPractices: Free, Easy, and Effective

Seen on a #SanityWalk In my last post, I introduced the idea of #SanityPractices for parents. Now I’m going to dig a little deeper into what these practices are and how they can help you be calmer, more empathic, and more effective in every aspect of your life, including parenting. I’ve worked hard to come up […]

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How #SanityWalks Help Me Parent Without Losing My Mind

I took this during a #sanitywalk last fall. Most days, I go for a walk. I live near a small lake, and the loop around it is about two miles long. I listen to audiobooks or podcasts, and I usually stop somewhere along the route and take a picture or two. My favorite images end […]

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